Thanks For My Client's Support For Our Business

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Just now we pass yearly inspection on ISO9001 by National Quality Certification Comittee.

Many thanks for our clients' long-term support on our business. We will do our best to supply better air filters to you.


We have established business relationship with our Europe client from 2012, the filters exported include compact filter , gas turbine V-bank filter,mini-pleat high temperature filter,Aluminium separetor high temperature filter, hand-dryer hepa filter cartridge ,Aluminium separator /mini-pleat medium filters, minipleat hepa filter and customized filter .


For the compact filter and gas turbine v-bank filter , we have improved our technical-craft to meet the request on high volume and low resistance meanwhile avoiding any leakage.


For the high temperature filter ,we have two types  i.e. minipleat type and aluminium separator. The minipleat type  can bear 250 temperature with 2000CMH air volume ; the aluminium separator type can work under 450 with 1500CMH volume.


For the hepa filter ,we use a frame system without any rivet on the metal frame to meet their demand , and all of our hepa filter have been exported after 100% leak test and overall efficiency test.


For the customized filter , we have designed composite hand-dryer filter cartridges with cardboard frame , activated carbon media, fiberglass pleats covered by synthetic media.


In order to keep the quality stable , we strictly apply ISO9001 management system; our price is not definitely the lowest but our quality lies in the top of filter industry.


If you are interested in our filters, welcome your contact with us and we will supply you filter solutions in 2 days.

High Flow hepa air Filter with any rivet.jpg   compact filter.png

hand-dryer filter cartridges.jpg  Aluminium separator filter with flange.png

  • Fluid Sealed HEPA Filter
  • Ceiling Filter Mat
  • Standard Synthetic Bag/pocket Flanders Air Vent Filters for Air Compressor
  • Gasturbine Cartridge Turbomachinery Filters
  • Absolute Secondary Aluminum-separator Rigid Cell Box Filters
  • High-capacity Compact V-bank Minipleat HEPA Turbo Air Filters

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