Suspension Filter Filter Residue Layer Filtration, Deep Filtration And Screening Three Ways.

- Jun 19, 2017 -

① filter layer filter: filter the initial filter media can only be retained large solid particles, small particles with the filtrate through the filter media. After the formation of the initial filter layer, the filter layer on the filter play a major role, when large and small particles were retained, such as plate filter press filter.

② deep filter: filter medium thick, the suspension contains less solid particles, and particles smaller than the filter medium channels. Filtration, the particles into the hole after being adsorbed, such as porous plastic tube filter, sand filter filter.

③ sieve: filter retained solid particles are larger than the filter medium pores, the filter medium does not adsorb solid particles, such as drum filter filter to remove coarse particles of sewage impurities. In the actual filtering process, the three methods are often simultaneously or successively.

  • Compact V-typed or Rigid Cassette Return Air Filters
  • G3 Synthetic Polyester Spray Booth Filter Media Rolls and Ceiling Filter Mat
  • Compact /self-support/reinforced/rigid Pocket Trane Air Filters
  • Absolute Secondary Aluminum-separator Rigid Cell Box Filters
  • High-capacity Compact V-bank Minipleat HEPA Turbo Air Filters
  • Refillable Activated Carbon Filter Pads Cartridge Element

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