It Is Honored For Us To Attended The Third Sino-Iran Nanotech Business Matchmaking Event

- Oct 30, 2017 -

AST is invited to attend The third sino-Iran Nanotech Business Matchmaking Enent,CHINANO conference & expo 2017,Iran clients show great interest in our filter catagories including HEPA filter ,high temperature filter ,compact filter,Aluminium separator filter ,prefilter, ceiling filter mat ,bag filter ,panel filter and activated carbon air filter .

Iran customers also explain techical advantages on NANO filtration media recently invented by them. 

  • Compact V-typed or Rigid Cassette Return Air Filters
  • High Temperature Panel Filter
  • High-temperature Fiberglass HT Filter Media
  • Gasturbine Cartridge Turbomachinery Filters
  • High Performance High-temperature HEPA Spray Booth Filters for Air Purifier
  • Hybrid Cabin Filters

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