How To Distinguish The Mini-pleat HEPA Filter And Aluminium Separator HEPA Filter

- Feb 07, 2018 -

HEPA filter can be divided into:mini-pleat HEPA filter and Aluminium separator HEPA filter, how to  distinguish the two type of filter ?

Aluminium separator HEPA filter is made of superfine fiberglass media, sealant, aluminum separator and wooden frame or metal frame. Owing to the advantages of large air flow aluminum separator filter is widely used in a variety of purification equipment and clean workshop. There are two important factors, such as the height of the aluminum-separator and the tightness of the filter paper. For example, the standard folding number of the filter with wooden frame (610*610*120) is: firstly, deduction the thickness of the board on both sides of the board is 610- (20*2) =570mm, and the The pleating number of the separators is 570/4/2=71, and the result is about 71-72.

The high efficiency mini-pleat filter is made of ultra-fine glass fiber as filter material, hot melt glue as separator, and various outer frame assembled.

Compared with the Aluminium separator HEPA filter, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, compact structure and reliable performance under the same air volume. No partition efficient design can achieve the maximum efficiency with minimum resistance, reducing operation cost, especially the design of the hot melt adhesive can ensure that the same folding layer space, to ensure the best air flow passing through, achieve high capacity amount of dust at the same time, make full use of the filter filter material in the whole depth.

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