Filter Performance Classification

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Pipe filter

Double tube filter

High pressure filter

In fact, there should be a variety of filter, in fact, there are many kinds of filters, such as laminated filter, sand bar filter, carbon filter, frame filter, activated carbon filter, diatomaceous earth filter, Etc., the main principle is the use of filter media pore size retention medium than the medium diameter of the material, of course, some filter media also has a special effect such as adsorption. Most of the filter backwash is not so much trouble, as long as the water from the end of the filter into the reverse backwash filter medium can achieve a good backwash effect.

  • Medium Minipleat High-temperature HVAC Compressed Air Filters for Charcoal Oven
  • Stainless Fiberglass Plane Panel Aluminum Mesh Air AC Grease Filters
  • High-capacity Compact V-bank Minipleat HEPA Turbo Air Filters
  • Minipleat High-temperature V-bank HEPA Filters for Furnace
  • HEPA Air Filter Cartridges for Air Cleaners Purifier and Hand Dryer
  • Hybrid Cabin Filters

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