Filter Media

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Where can the working medium through the solid particles or droplets which are retained to achieve the purpose of separation or purification of porous material known as the filter medium. It is a key component of the filter, which determines the separation efficiency and efficiency of the filter operation also directly affect the filter production intensity and power consumption.

  • Minipleat Airguard HEPA Wood Frame and Laminar Flow Filter for Fan Filter Units and Ceiling Hood
  • Medium Minipleat High-temperature HVAC Compressed Air Filters for Charcoal Oven
  • Compact /self-support/reinforced/rigid Pocket Trane Air Filters
  • Gasturbine Cartridge Turbomachinery Filters
  • Absolute Secondary Aluminum-separator Rigid Cell Box Filters
  • HEPA Air Filter Cartridges for Air Cleaners Purifier and Hand Dryer

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