Filter Development History

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Ancient China has applied filter technology in production, BC 200 years ago has been made of plant fiber paper. In the year 105, Cai Lun improved the papermaking method. He slays the plant fiber pulp on the dense bamboo curtain during the papermaking process. Water through the bamboo curtain gap filter, a thin layer of wet pulp left in the bamboo curtain surface, dry after the paper.

The earliest filters were mostly gravitationally filtered, and later pressurized filtration was used to improve the filtration rate, which in turn resulted in vacuum filtration. The drum vacuum filter invented at the beginning of the 20th century realized the continuous operation of the filtration operation. Thereafter, various types of continuous filters are successively present. Intermittent operation of the filter (such as plate and frame filter, etc.) can be achieved due to the development of automated operation, filtering area is growing. In order to obtain low moisture content of the filter residue, mechanical press filter has been developed.

  • Minipleat Airguard HEPA Wood Frame and Laminar Flow Filter for Fan Filter Units and Ceiling Hood
  • Compact /self-support/reinforced/rigid Pocket Trane Air Filters
  • Gasturbine Cartridge Turbomachinery Filters
  • High Performance High-temperature HEPA Spray Booth Filters for Air Purifier
  • Minipleat High-temperature V-bank HEPA Filters for Furnace
  • Hybrid Cabin Filters

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