Chemical Stability Of Filter Media

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Due to the variety of materials handled by the filtration process, their chemical properties vary. Acidic, alkaline, strong oxidizing, organic solvents, etc., and are in a certain temperature filtration. This requires the selected filter media structure materials in the material can be processed with good chemical stability, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, microbial resistance. In general, polypropylene fibers have good acid resistance. Alkali resistance and antioxidant effect, polyethylene fiber at room temperature on the acid and alkali solution has stability, polyester material has good acid resistance.

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  • G3 Synthetic Polyester Spray Booth Filter Media Rolls and Ceiling Filter Mat
  • Stainless Fiberglass Plane Panel Aluminum Mesh Air AC Grease Filters
  • American Glassfiber/oil Mist Pocket Bag Carrier Air Filters
  • Absolute Secondary Aluminum-separator Rigid Cell Box Filters
  • Hybrid Cabin Filters

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