AST Have Exported HT Filter And Gas Turbine V-bank Filters To Europe Once Again .

- Jun 27, 2018 -

AST have exported 264Pcs high temperature filters and 239Pcs gas turbine V-bank filters to Europe last week .  

The high temperature filters have been producred with G/S frame, Aluminium separator ,F6 fiberglass media , G/S grids  and abrasion-proof textile-glass round cord gasket.  

The 239Pcs gas turbine V-bank filters have been assembled with  plastic frame, fiberglass media , G/S grids and EPDM gasket .  If you are interesed in our air filter ,welcome you send the inquiry to us ,and we will be glad to provide premium service to you

  • Compact V-typed or Rigid Cassette Return Air Filters
  • High Capacity High Volume Aluminum-separator HEPA Frame Filters
  • Medium High-temperature Oven Air HT Filters
  • Panel Filter to Remover Mist or Grease
  • High-capacity Compact V-bank Minipleat HEPA Turbo Air Filters
  • Honeywell HEPA Filter Cartridges for Fresh Air Supply System

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