Which is the four parts in the HEPA air supply port

- Jan 08, 2018 -

HEPA filter delivery port is also called HEPA air supply port, which is the necessary purification equipment at the end of the clean room, and is divided into many different types of HEPA air supply outlet by structure.


HEPA air supply outlet is used as terminal air filtration equipment for clean-room Class100,000, Class 10,000 and Class1,000; it is the vital equipment to meet the requirements of purification class. It can be widely in medicine, medical, electronics, chemical and other industries to purify the air conditioning system. The surface of the HEPA supply air inlet box is made of the cold steel plate with powder-coated handling. The outlet has plane airflow to ensure the cleaning effect. HEPA supply of air supply outlet can also be made of stainless steel plate (SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, etc.). The thickness is generally 0.8~ 1.5mm. (HEPA box mouth is made of thin plate welded which requires high level of welding technology and grinding technology.


The four parts of HEPA air supply inlet are:

A. HEPA filer static pressure box, made of cold rolled steel plate (A3 board) and stainless steel plate. The box body is used for hanging from the ceiling and sealing between the surrounding library plate. HEPA box is the main part of HEPA air supply port four-piece body.

B.  flanges. The flange is used to connect the air duct interface of the air supply unit, which has two kinds of optional flanges.

C. High efficiency HEPA filter is the medium to clean the fresh air and outlet the clean air into the clean-room, and the filtration efficiency is 99.99%-99.999%@0.3 µm.

D. the outlet diffuser plate is used for sending purified air by HEPA to all around. The outlet diffuser plate punching needs the use of advanced CNC punch press with precision in±0.01 mm which can guarantee the supply air diffusing evenly.

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