What's the PM2.5 air filter

- Sep 30, 2018 -

Here, PM2.5 refers to an particle’s diameter is less than or equal to 2.5 μm in the atmosphere. Although particles are only a small component of the Earth's atmospheric composition, they have an important influence on air quality and visibility. Fine particle size is small, contains a large amount of toxic and harmful substances, and has a long residence time in the atmosphere and a long transport distance. It is easy to invade the human body and cause asthma, bronchitis, etc., which has a serious impact on human health.

The PM2.5 filter  can effectively reduce the concentration of particulate in the air, ensuring that the PM2.5 concentration in the air can meet the requirements of the Ambient Air Quality Standard.

- Can effectively reduce indoor PM2.5 concentration

- Use the electrified filter media to reduce pressure

- Depending on the environment, optional features:

Increase antibacterial and deodorizing function

The air inlet surface can be set with a washable primary filter

can make built-in filter box 

1. Can the air filter remove PM2.5 particles?

After checked the history of air filters, we can know that this equipment has been designed to solve the pollution of particulate matter, and the function of formaldehyde removal that we are more familiar with now appears with the development of modern decoration. In the present advanced HEAP filtration technology, it can purify particles below 0.3 microns, including PM2.5.

Conclusion: The HEPA air filter can filter PM2.5 particles.

2. How does the HEPA air filter work?

The air filter drives the air through the fan blades, and the particles in the air are intercepted by placing the filter material on the air circulation passage, thereby filtering the air.

As the filter material has a certain resistance to air, a good air filter will be more reasonable in airflow design, thereby reducing energy consumption and improving filtration. However, some products may cause air turbulence if the design is unreasonable, causing the particles that have settled down to rise again, but the filtering effect is not achieved.

3. Does the noise of the HEPA air filter affect people rest?

Noise is also one of the most common problems in life, so when we choose a filter, it is best to choose a silent mode or a small sound when running, so you can use it at rest.

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