What parts of a HEPA air filter can be cleaned

- Feb 08, 2018 -

HEPA filter is a widely used product. A lot of users think this way,: HEPA filters are used to catch dust, and regular cleaning is a good way to maintain the efficiency. The idea is right or wrong? There are many different kind of HEPA filters, and different performance requires different raw materials , but some of these material of HEPA filter cannot be cleaned. So if we decide to clean up the HEPA filter, figure out how it's made of and it's the first thing to do.

The are a lot of HEPA filters on the market made of glass fiber paper which can realize a better  filtration effect . in order to get better efficiency ,we should pay more attention to the HEPA filter medium, because a little broken on the fiberglass media will decrease the filtration effect ,so we can’t wash this HEPA filter, also for the pp media and micro-fiberglass media,we can’t wash them.

In fact, although it is impossible to clean the main material part of HEPA filter, other auxiliary parts can be cleaned. we can wash the primary air filter which have been installed before the HEPA filter to keep the HEPA filter’s life . in addition, the fresh air duct can also be cleaned and will be effective after cleaning.

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