What is the air conditioning filter

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Ac filter is concave and convex type honeycomb structure, which can be widely used in air filtration, water filtration systemin the spinning stage antibacterial agent and mold inhibitor is added to PP resin raw materials directly, making the production of filter reached the antibacterial moldproof effect. It is easy to clean and replace many times, and the effective time is long.

Air conditioning filter is also called air filter, there are several types:

1.vertical air conditioning filter screen contains three layers: dust removal net, activated carbon mesh, reinforcement network, it is recommended to change every 1-2 months.

2.the bedroom air conditioning filter net contains activated carbon net, strengthen net, suggesting every change once every 1-2months.


Summary of common faults caused by the dirty blocking of air conditioning filters:

(1) air conditioning refrigeration, heating effect is poor: filter plugging with dust, the temperature is very low near the blowing mouth, but cannot blow far away; room circulation is slow, temperature around the indoor machine is low, but the room temperature is higher, similar to the phenomenon of fan speed slowness.

(2) water tray plugging : filter dirty plugging , dust gathered through aperture evaporator surface, along with the condensed water flowing into the water dish, then blocking water tray, the house leaks.

(3) blocked evaporator : if the barber shop using ark, filter plugging with dirty, hair behind the fan blows to the evaporator, causes evaporator dirty plugging,;even when cleaning filter, also need to clean the evaporator; For example, if a public place USES a cabinet in winter, the dust can easily be inhaled by a fan and blown to the back of the evaporator, which can also block the evaporator.

(4) blocked fan blades : dust in the air filter is attached to the blade, blade space decreases,;air flow becomes small, and the noise turns big, and the outlet air is not stable.

(5) heating overload, frost no melt: filter dirty plugging,surface temperature of heating evaporator is exorbitant, the main board heating too much time after testing,  and the condensed frost is serious, meanwhile outdoor air blower stops running.

(6)Cold freezing: the filter screen is very dirty, and the evaporator temperature is very low when refrigerating, and the main board will enter refrigeration protection mode after the test, control shutdown and no longer refrigerating.

(7)Leakage of the indoor machine: the filter mesh is clogged, and the evaporator temperature is very low when refrigeration, if the main board has no refrigeration protection, the evaporator will freeze, and the indoor machine will leaks.


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