What is a separator sub-efficient filter

- Jan 19, 2018 -

According to the filter’s filtration efficiency ,the HEPA filter’s are divided into  H10 ,H11 ,H12,H13,H14,U15 ,U16 and U17 air filter.

H10,H11 and H12 with aluminium separator belong to initial efficiency class HEPA filter ,which will be assembled by media , separator and frame , and the media include glass fiber media or synthetic media ,and aluminium separator or special paper as separator , and MDF or metal as the frame.  

Such HEPA filter is characterized with high efficiency, low resistance, large air flow and widely used in purification equipment and clean-room and purifying air conditioning.


Features of the Aluminium separator HEPA FILTER products:

1. The corrugated separator, equal distance between pleats , big air volume and low resistance.

2. At the end of the aluminum separator, box-typed pleats are formed to ensure that the filter material is not damaged.

3. Unique seamless sealing technology with better elasticity and firm frame,without any leak .

Advantages: low resistance, big dust volume, uniform air-flow speed, strong universality and convenient installation.


More knowledge about the Aluminium separator filter:

HEPA filter has the highest efficiency of 99.999999. Some people always equate the efficiency level of the filter with the level of the clean room, thinking of more number of 9  to achieve a Class100 or even Class10 level of cleanliness. That's actually a wrong idea. The HEPA filter is the core of the system, but it is not the only condition to ensure cleanliness. HEPA filter’s efficiency is only one of the necessary conditions and the easiest to implement. In order to achieve the corresponding level of the clean room, there should be many necessary conditions, such as air speed, number of ventilation, sealing of doors and Windows, clean room control of personnel in and out, etc. Only all these aspects together can ensure clean room cleanliness requirements.

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