What is a knife - frame high efficiency HEPA filter

- Jan 17, 2018 -

Knife-frame HEPA filter and HEPA filter with knife edge is the same: aluminum frame is equipped with around 40 mm deep sharp edge, can be directly inserted into the gel sealing device, in order to ensure the sealing of HEPA air filter characterized with convenient installation, good sealing performance, high efficiency, low resistance and high dust capacitance and uniform air velocity uniformity.

Features of the knife-frame HEPA filter:

1. The knife on air exit side.

2. Glass fiber filter medium, hot melt adhesive separation.

3. The fold spacing is equal to ensure the optimal airflow and achieve high capacity of dust.

4. Special mixture to ensure the sealing.

5. HEPA filter equipped with powder-coated protection-grills to reduce the damage of filter paper.

Applicable places: pharmaceutical factories, biological plants, food processing and other

places that need to strictly control air pollution sources and the terminal filtration of various

vertical air supply clean zones.

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