What is a high temperature prefilter?

- Jan 31, 2019 -

The high temperature prefilter is made of long glass-fibers and is laminated in a non-woven manner. The characteristics of long fibers: the strength of the fiber is good, the elasticity is good, and the filter material is not compressed due to the wind resistance, which affects the dust holding capacity. The filter has good chemical resistance and low hygroscopicity. Filter Class: G3, G4.


High temperature prefilter with outer frame:

1. Aluminum-clad net: The filter material can be selected by using aluminum expansion net outside the filter material, which can effectively support the filter screen to withstand large air volume and not easily deform. 100 mesh stainless steel mesh is added to the air-in surface.


2, metal frame: frame can choose from galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame, and other materials.

High temperature prefilter application:

Suitable for general coarse dust filtration treatment. Hot air type high temperature oven is used. Also it is used in the high temperature oven of the paint factory. Usually the filter media cannot be changed because special assembly techniques is necessary otherwise fiber shedding will happen,which can cause serous quality problem on your products.

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