What is a fiberglass bag air filter

- Sep 07, 2018 -

What is a fiberglass bag air filter?


In developed countries, after years of experience, glass fiber bag air filters are the most economical and effective choice for users. Therefore, glass fiber bag filters have been the most commonly used filter types in ventilation and air conditioning systems for half a century. So let's take a closer look at this filter device.


1. Main application of glass fiber bag air filter: main filter for ventilation, air conditioning system for commercial, industrial and clean room.

2. the characteristics of the glass fiber bag air filter:

(1) The media used is ultra-fine glass fiber, which has a large number and a fluffy structure, and is more efficient and has a longer life than other similar types. The chemical fiber protection lining of the filter material on the wind side effectively avoids the filter material from being damaged and the fiber leakage.

(2) The V-typed filter bag structure allows the air entering the bag to pass through the entire filter layer evenly, ensuring that all filter materials are fully utilized, thereby further improving the filtration efficiency, reducing the air resistance and prolonging the use life.

(3) The standard fireproof grade of glass fiber bag can meet the needs of most occasions.


3. glass fiber bag air filter performance parameters:

(1) Frame: galvanized steel frame or plastic frame, 20-25mm thick flange.

(2) Filter material: melt-blown ultra-fine glass fiber filter material, "v"-shaped filter bag structure.


4. glass fiber bag air filterefficiency :

(1)M5(EN779), 40-60% ASHRAE52/76.

(2)M6(EN779), 60-80% ASHRAE52/76.

(3)F7(EN779), 80-90% ASHRAE52/76.

(4)F8/9(EN779) 90-95% ASHRAE52/76.


5. glass fiber bag air filter temperature resistance: ≤ 90

6. glass fiber bag air filter moisture resistance: ≤ 95% RH

7. The final resistance of the glass fiber bag air filter is recommended: ≤350Pa (F7, F8/9), ≤250Pa (M5, M6)

Glass fiber bag air filter is the most economical and effective choice for users, so many people must be very interested in this and filter equipment. If you want to know more about it, then let's take a look.


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