The usage of air filter

- May 15, 2018 -

First, the usage of air filter

When maintaining the air filter element, we should be carefully to check the the color and contrast of the media's inside and outside . Used filter media, as the outside surface facing the atmosphere with dust, the color is gray-black; and the inner surface of the filter media facing the inlet side of the air should still show its true colors. If the dust on the outer surface of the filter element is removed, the true color of the filter paper can be revealed, and the filter element can continue to be used. When the outer surface of the filter element is cleared of dust, its paper color no longer appears, or the inner surface of the filter paper becomes dark, the filter element must be replaced. Under normal circumstances, each car manufacturer and its special service station have air filter recommended replacement period, and the owner can only do as required, if the road dust is heavy, we should be appropriately shorten the air filter element cleaning and replacement mileage. It's better to change air filter at a special maintenance station; if the owner is accustomed to buy accessories himself, you must to find out what type of your car, what material of the air filter, and you must use the manufacturer specified high-quality air filter specified by the car manufacturer, when buying a new air filter , we must decern the false fom genuine, and we cannot load unqualified air filter in the car .

The function of the air filter is to filter out the suspended particles in the air entering the cylinder to reduce the wear of the cylinder, the piston and the piston ring. Among the three media required for engine operation, the amount of air is the largest and comes from the atmosphere. If the air filter cannot effectively filter out suspended particles in the air, it will eigher accelerate the wear of the cylinder, the piston and the piston ring, or it will cause the cylinder to be injured and shorten the service life of the engine.

(a) Do not pay attention to quality when purchasing

As a few maintenance personnel did not recognize the importance of air filter elements, they only purchased cheaper ones with no quality assurance, and purchased them randomly, causing abnormalities in the engine. Especially in the current situation when there are many counterfeit and shoddy products on the market, it is better to shop around and carefully purchase, and always stick to the principle of quality first.

(b) Dismantling at will during use

The engine must use an air filter, which is scientifically based. However, some drivers are free to remove the air filter, so that the engine directly sucks in unfiltered air. Tests on the removal of air filters from trucks show that after removing the air filter, engine cylinder wear will increase 8 times, piston wear will increase 3 times, and piston ring wear will increase 9 times.

(c) Maintenance and replacement do not respect reality

In the air filter operating manual, mileage or hours are used as maintenance or replacement data; however, the maintenance and replacement cycle of air filter elements is also related to environmental factors. Cars that are often driving in environments with high dust content should have shorter maintenance or replacement cycles for air filter cartridges. In cars with low dust content, the maintenance or replacement cycle of air filter cartridges can be appropriately extended.In practice , many motorists work mechanically according to regulations; they do not have flexibility in grasping the factors such as the environment; they usually wait until the mileage is up to standard and the engine working status is obviously abnormal; please note that maintenance at this time will not only fail to recover the losses that have already been incurred, but will also cause greater harm. What is more, individual drivers simply do not know that the air filter element will fail, and continue to use it as long as the exterior is not broken.


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