The introduction of most frequently used four air filter mat

- Feb 01, 2018 -

The air filter mat is not only used in the air purification equipment, but also used in water treatment equipment. Today we share with you some of the most common air filter mat and their characteristics in air purification.

1. Glass fiber filter media: this kind of filter media has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and the service life is very long, the filtering effect is very good, and it is widely used in the ventilation system.

2. Activated carbon filter: the filter media, it is a very strong adsorption medium, has very good adsorption effect to the peculiar smell in the air; but its filter capacity isn’t better than glassfiber media , often applied in combination with other filter products at the same time.

3. Synthetic fiber filter media: this is a new type of material, light weight, high resistance, elasticity and stability are also excellent, also with good insulation performance.

4. Non-woven filter cotton: it has good stability, which is the most widely used filter media product in all filters. Efficiency and stability are balanced in every respect.

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