The history of air filters

- Dec 22, 2017 -

The air filter was originally used as a respiratory protection device for people to protect their breathing.It is recorded that in Rome, people used masks made of coarse linen to protect them when they were purified of mercury.In the long run, air filters have made progress, but mainly as a respiratory protection device, mainly used in some dangerous industries. In 1827, Brown discovered the laws of motion of tiny particles, and there was further recognition of the principle of air filtration.

The rapid development of air filters is inseparable from the development of military and electronic industries.In the first world war, the use of various chemical agents, the asbestos fiber filter paper was used as the filter layer of military gas mask.The glass fiber filter medium for air filtration was patented in the United States in October 1940.In the 1950s, the American production process of glass fiber filter paper was deeply studied, which made the air filter develop rapidly. In the 1960s, HEPA filters came out; In the 1970s, the filter paper of fine glass fiber was used as an efficient filter for filter medium, and the filtration efficiency of particle size of 0.13 micron particle was 99.9998%Since the 1980s, with the emergence of new test method, and improvement of use evaluation and to higher requirement of improving the filtering performance, people found the HEPA filter has a serious problem, so invented ULPA filter with better performance.Currently, filtration experts are still working on the study, and more advanced air filters are expected soon.

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