The characteristics of primary filter with aluminum mesh

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Design features of the primary filter of aluminium mesh:

1. The filter is made up of different specifications of the corrugated aluminum mesh and interlaced in the inner frame;

2. Reduce the gap between the aluminum mesh with better efficiency;

3. For acid, alkali or high temperature working conditions, stainless steel frame and stainless steel mesh are used.

Performance characteristics of aluminum mesh primary filter including:

Large air volume, low resistance, reusable, long service life.

  • Compact V-typed or Rigid Cassette Return Air Filters
  • Minipleat Airguard HEPA Wood Frame and Laminar Flow Filter for Fan Filter Units and Ceiling Hood
  • Box-style Carbon and Chemical VOC House Air Filters
  • Ventilation-system cartridges
  • Fiberglass Paint Arrestor and Paint Mist Media Pads Filter Cloth
  • Primary Pleated Aluminum Panel Filters Metal Frame

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