The application of air filters in cars

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Along with the increasing seriousness of environmental pollution, dust content in the air inhaled aerosols is higher and higher. If the suspended particles comes into the cylinder of engine, it can cause a large number of colloidal substances and tiny wear particles, which affect automobile engine full combustion; and if entering the engine cylinder and piston, it cause the wear of piston related parts, causing the engine performance drop. And the role of engine filter is to form a barrier between outside air and the cylinder, it will block the suspended particles completely outside the cylinder, and get plenty of air inflow, so that it can avoid the automobile engine power loss.


Although a lot of owners replace the engine filter in 4 s shops now, and with the deep understanding of the automobile structure, replacement of engine air filter becomes very simple,but whether changing in the 4 s shops or changing air filter by own, will involve the issue of buying a new air filter. Many owners think the role of the air filter is not very important ,  and they often choose cheap and poor quality of the air filter; and the poor quality of the air filter has poor filtration ability, especially for the tiny suspended particles, and has poor physical stability, and in long-term use will inevitably lead to decrease of the car engine performance meanwhile fuel consumption have risen sharply.


Some private owners think air filters do not play a role. when they use a new car after a period of time, they find that the air filter is completely blocked, but they simply dismantle the air filter, als not to replace it. As a result, it may not affect the performance of the car engine in a short period of time, but in the long run, the wear of the car engine is very serious. There are data showing that without air filter, the wear rate of the engine cylinder will be more than eight times, the piston wear rate is more than three times, and the wear rate of the piston ring will be more than nine times. 

Finally auto filter experts say, automotive air filter is the basic four filter in one of the most core components. when buying air filter , must choose good quality; at the same time, air filter must be maintained according to the automobile use environment, so that can truly achieve the ultimate gaol of strong car heart.



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