Select the correct air filter and instructions

- Jan 02, 2019 -

In fact, no matter what kind of air filter we have, we need to make the right choice and proper use. In present article, we take the common air filter as an example, and let's take a look at the correct method of choosing!

Instructions to selecting the correct air filter

1. Pay attention to the sealing performance of the air filter. If multiple seals are used, the effect is better.

2. The filter bag of the device adopts the patented ring design, which can be closely attached to the filter to prevent loosening.

3. The filter bag can be quickly replaced by opening the top cover during use, which also reduces the chance of secondary pollution.

4. In the process of using the equipment, the internal space must be fully utilized, and try not to waste the surrounding space.

5. After the liquid enters the device, turbulence will occur inside, causing an increase in pressure loss, and it may cause the device to flip inside during use, or even directly cause the filter bag to rupture.

6. Impact of applying foam for the filter bag impact is relatively small, which can effectively protect the filter bag to prevent accidents; and the reduction of pressure loss will make the equipment more stable operation.

7. When the liquid starts to enter the pipeline, the smoothness is very important. Therefore, the top cover of the filter can be designed as a horn type, and the liquid can smoothly enter and automatically divide the pressure.


Second, the use of equipment

1. During the operation of the equipment, it should be checked regularly whether the resistance is out of range, so as to decide when to replace the filter.

2. When using it, be sure to pay attention to the following basic factors:

(1) Rated initial resistance: The initial resistance range provided by the sample, characteristic curve or test report of the filter at rated air volume.

(2) Initial resistance of operation: refers to the resistance of the filter at the beginning of the system operation.

(3) Initial resistance: It is the first step to understand the initial resistance of the equipment. Generally, the resistance of the filter under the system design air volume is called the initial resistance.

The above content covers almost all the correct choices of the air filter and the method of use. After getting familiar with the knowledge, we can use the equipment more easily and exert its best results.

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