Preliminary understanding of air filter chemical fiber and glass fiber

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Filtration material is an important part of air filtration process.The filter material mainly has glass fiber and chemical fiber.Glass fiber has a wide application in high efficiency filtration materials, and the chemical fiber can load static electricity,thus obtaining higher filtration efficiency without causing the increase of resistance.So the chemical fiber with static electricity also has a very extensive market.

Chemical fiber non - spun filter commonly known as non - woven fabric, the name is polyester fiber.The process of melting jet,hot melt, spinning, acupuncture and water spines is processed by many processes. Advantages: high quality stability, high-dust holding capacity, good moisture resistance, long service life, durable. Disadvantages: fiber efficiency will decrease during operation. Chemical fiber filter is widely used in coarse and medium - effective panel type and bag filter. Compound non-woven fabric can also be used for high efficiency and even sub-high efficiency filters.

Alkali glass fiber filter material in the base material is continuous glass fiber twill woven, this kind of filter material is soft and easy to be cleaned. Glass fibers can continuous works under 250 , and the price is cheaper. The filter cloth of glass fiber is suitable for all kinds of bag-type air filters structured in the middle skeleton of the filter bag. Filer air-flow speed is generally lower than 0.5 m/min; Too high speed can blow out the filter bag or cause dust leak

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