Oil filter selection points

- Jun 19, 2017 -

When choosing an oil filter, consider the following:

⑴ filter accuracy should meet the required requirements.

⑵ can be in a long time to maintain adequate flow capacity.

⑶ filter with sufficient strength, not because of the role of hydraulic damage.

⑷ filter corrosion resistance, and can work at a specified temperature for a long time.

⑸ filter cleaning or replacement is simple.

Therefore, the oil filter should be based on the hydraulic system technical requirements, according to the filter accuracy, flow capacity, working pressure, oil viscosity, working temperature and other conditions selected its model.

  • Minipleat Airguard HEPA Wood Frame and Laminar Flow Filter for Fan Filter Units and Ceiling Hood
  • Medium Minipleat High-temperature HVAC Compressed Air Filters for Charcoal Oven
  • G3 Synthetic Polyester Spray Booth Filter Media Rolls and Ceiling Filter Mat
  • Fiberglass Paint Arrestor and Paint Mist Media Pads Filter Cloth
  • Gasturbine Cartridge Turbomachinery Filters
  • High-capacity Compact V-bank Minipleat HEPA Turbo Air Filters

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