Market trends in the development of air filters

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Looking ahead to the future of the air filter market, we can see:

(1) In the current air filter in the market, fine glass fiber as the filter medium filter is still dominant, but membrane manufacturers are also moving air filtration field, providing efficient membrane filter, and improve the performance of the membrane filtration under low air flow resistance. They believe that membrane filters will soon replace fine glass fiber filters in efficient air filtration and dust collection applications.

(2) the development of high temperature filters will be accelerated. Metal fiber and ceramic fiber filters have been used. Glass fiber contending inorganic membrane can enhance the mechanical properties of the fiber, endowing filter bag strong resistance to high temperature performance, to make it applicable up to 480 ℃ temperature. Thermoelectric engineering, gasification systems and waste incineration systems will provide a huge market for high-temperature filters.

(3) the trend of the development of the air filter market is globalization. Developing countries will grow faster than developed countries. The factors that stimulate the rapid development of filter market in the next few years include: the construction of a large number of new factories in developing countries; Economic recovery in developed countries such as Europe and Japan; More stringent requirements for environmental protection worldwide. This combination of need, prosperity and environmental awareness will inevitably prompt the rapid development of the filter market.

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