How to explean short life of oil adsorbent filter bags

- Apr 23, 2018 -

We have known that some customers are puzzled about the short life of our oil absorbent  filter bags. Even some clients found that some paint cake in the cut bags.

AST have experienced many similar situations in domestic and foreign users.Generally,we should pay more attention to the following ways:

1. Analysis the bacteria pollution of the paint in the tank right now.if paint in the tank is polluted by bacteria,the viscosity of the paint will increase greatly.The direct result is the differential pressure of the filter bag is increased quickly after installation. We should let the operator to inspect the pressure gauge frequently to ensure safe system running.

2. Dont forget why we use filter bags.Basically, we use filter bags to remove the particles and some large size paint cakes from the paint circulation.If we let the possible cakes back to tank,the car body paint quality may be poorer than present case.The paint cakes shown that some abnormality occurs in the tank. One familiar cause is the paint viscosity increased.If we also do not satisfy the paint quality not only the bags life, do not try to change the present using bags types at right.If that,we will complex our problem solve routine.

3. For mentioned some polymicron bags,it only can absorb some oil.It can not remove particles from paint.Although you can get a long life from bags ,but you may get poor paint quality at the same time.AST also provide this type of products to some customer,but their paint must very clear.

If found paint cakes from the means some serious problem factors existed in the system.We will provide our possible assistance to you if need.Certainly,we also will check our products quality controlling process.If you have any question please send the problem to us as soon as possible.

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