How to choose the right air filters

- Jan 02, 2018 -

1. According to purification standard of the indoor requirements, the efficiency of the final air filter is determined, and the combination series and the class of air air filter are selected reasonably. If the indoor requirements are generally clean, the coarse filter can be adopted; If the interior requires medium clean, the coarse and medium efficiency filters should be adopted. If the interior requires ultra-clean, it should be filtered by primary, medium and HEPA air filters, meanwhile HEPA filters should be properly matched at all levels. if the efficiency difference between two levels of air filter is too large, the former level of air filter is suitable to protect HEPA air filters.

2. Confirm the dust and particle characteristics of outdoor air correctly. As HEPA filters are used to purify outdoor air into the chamber, the dust configuration of outdoor air is a very important data. Especially in the multi-class filtration system, the selection of the primary air filter should be decided after comprehensive consideration of the environment, spare parts cost, operation energy consumption, maintenance and supply.

3. Determine the characteristics of HEPA filters correctly. The characteristics of high HEPA filter include filtration efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust tolerance, air speed and air volume. In the case of allowable conditions, high efficient air filter with high efficiency, low resistance, high dust tolerance, moderate air speed, large air volume, convenient installation and low price are required. This is to consider the economic analysis needs of one-time investment and secondary investment and energy efficiency in the selection of HEPA air filter.

4. Analyze the nature of aerosol. The properties of dust aerosol associated with the selection of HEPA air filters mainly include the data of temperature, humidity, acid-base and organic solvents. Some HEPA filter can operate at high temperatures, and some HEPA filter can only work under normal temperature, constant humidity. Moreover dust aerosol containing different level of acid, alkali and organic solvent has an effect on the performance of high efficiency HEPA air filters.

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