How to choose the HEPA filter

- Apr 23, 2018 -

At present, there are many types of high-efficiency filters. The use of different devices is not the same. Therefore, we must understand clearly how to choose a high-efficiency filter device. What factors should be considered? Let's introduce for everyone:

Determine the efficiency of the last-stage high-efficiency filters, and reasonably select the combined stage and efficiency of the air filters. For the general requirements of indoor purification, you can use prefilter and HEPA filters; for the indoor requirements of a medium purification, you should use prefiter and medium filters and HEPA filters. If indoor purification requests super clean then the prefilter, medium filters and and HEPA filter shall be used. The efficiency of of each filters shall be reasonably and properly matched. If the efficiency is different too much , the previous filter will not be able to protect the rear HEPA filter. 


As the HEPA filter will supply clean air into the room , the dust-holding capacity is an important data. Especially in the multi-stage purification and filtration treatment; when selecting the pre-filter and HEPA filter, it is necessary to take comprehensive consideration of factors such as the operation environment, spare parts cost, operation energy consumption, maintenance and supply.


The nature of the aerosol associated with the use of high-efficiency air filters mainly includes  temperature, humidity, the number of acids and organic solvents. Because some HEPA filters are allowed to be used at high temperatures, some HEPA filters can only work under normal temperature and humidity. HEPA filters themselves together with the amount of acid, alkali and organic solvents contained in the dust aerosol will affect the performance of HEPA filters.


The characteristics of a HEPA filter are mainly the efficiency, resistance, penetration rate, dust holding capacity, filtration flow speed, and processing air volume. Under conditions permitted, air filters with high efficiency, low resistance, large dust holding capacity, moderate flow speed, large air volume, easy manufacturing and installation, and low price should be used as far as possible.

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