How to choose a test aerosol for HEPA or HLPA filters

- Feb 27, 2018 -

How to choose a test aerosol for HEPA or HLPA filters?


Discussions on the cancer risk surrounding DOS or DEHS has resulted in increasing use of Emery 3004 or PSL

as a test aerosol both for production and in situ testing. 

Emery 3400 is a synthetic hydrocarbon compound which is used as a synthetic lubricant and which has proved to 

be a good replacement for older test aerosols, as well as being cheap,non-corrosive and easy to work with.

PSL is made from polystyrene liquid,it is colorless and transparent substance chareaterised with stable performace in ligh-temperature condition.   

Dos or DEHS or,in certain contexts,salt(NaCI),which has long been used for this purpose,is strictly prohibited for 

testing filters for the electronics industry.Solid latex or silicon particulates are chosen instead.

Liquid particulates such as DEHS are easy to produce in the high concentrations needed for testing ULPA filters.

Latex or silicon particulates are solid particulates which are normally dissolved in water or sprayed out in the filters.

The concentration must be sufficiently low that each drop of water contains just one particulate.The water must 

evaporate before the particulate reaches the filter.This has meant certain limitations to generating particulates in 

sufficiently high concentrations.However,equipment is now commercially available and latex or silicon particulates

will probably replace the liquid particulates altogether,both in production and on the field...

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