How can air shower control worker's micro pollution source

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The air-shower is a kind of local purification equipment which is used with the blower to blow out the clean air through the air nozzle when the staff enters into the clean area. Today, I will tell you how the air shower can control the micro-pollution sources of the staff, as follows:

1. the staff should take hand disinfection before entering work-shop with installing automatic-controlled hand sterilizer. There are two major kinds of disinfection, 75% of medical alcohol is used as the sterilization medium and using other disinfectant as disinfection medium. Process using 75% of medical alcohol as disinfection medium for: induction to soap wash machine and wash hands, drying with automatic drying machine, finally induction hand disinfection. I suggest you choose the first type of disinfection. It is recommended to sterilize the hand every 60-90min by using first method, to prevent the breeding and breeding of hand bacteria.

2. Before entering the air shower staff should wear work shoes, work clothes, disposable cap and disposable masks, hair is not permitted come out, and then walk into the air shower;after washing by high-speed clean air from the air shower nozzle then enter into clean-room workshop, it is prohibited of lipstick, nail polish, wearing any jewelry.

3. when exposed to the finished product in the production process, workers must wear disposable gloves which should be without damage, waterproof. when the hand is polluted your hands must be washed according to the above washing disinfection process.

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