Have to know the air filter common sense

- Jan 28, 2019 -

Many air filter merchants will wonder: How can you let others have the desire to buy your products? There is no doubt that the first thing is to let customers know the common sense of your products. Take the air filter as an example, how can we let customers know the common sense of air filter? Here is a question and answer to present this issue for everyone.


First, why does the air filter inside the clean shed need a design plan?

It is generally believed that a single HEPA filter that corresponds to the processing accuracy can be selected according to the required air quality, which is not the case. Although the required air quality is determined by the processing precision of the selected HEPA filter, if there is no protection of the primary filter and medium filter, and the HEPA filter will soon become blocked due to excessive load, and the higher frequency of filter replacement will increase production costs in disguise.


 Second, what is the relationship between air filter efficiency and air temperature?

The temperature of the oil and water contained in the compressed air affects the efficiency of the filter. Therefore, the filter is generally installed at the lowest point of the compressed air system.


3. What are the accessory for the air filter?

Air filter options generally include: internal automatic drain, external automatic drain, differential pressure gauge, electronic differential pressure indicator and level indicator.


4. How to determine the replacement cycle of the air filter element?

The period of filter replacement is determined by its pressure drop. Generally, when the pressure drop exceeds 0.68 kgf/cm2; the filter gauge pointer points to the red area, or it needs to be replaced after one year of work. The activated carbon filter is replaced when the smell is detected downstream.


5. Can the air filter reduce the air dew point temperature?

In general, the air filter can only remove solid and liquid particles, while the water vapor and oil vapor can bend through the filter material without any obstruction.


6. Why should we regularly change the filter element?

After the filter element is contaminated, the flow rate of the gas becomes smaller in the system and the pressure drop becomes higher, resulting in increase of the cost of operation and production.


Seven, what should be paid attention to the installation of air filters?

1. The filter should be installed after the back-cooler and the gas storage tank as close as possible to the point of use and the lowest temperature.

2. The working pressure should not exceed the maximum pressure indicated by the filter.

3. The filter should not be installed after the quick opening valve and avoid back-flow and impact.

4. Larger filters should be properly supported in the pipeline.

5. The filter should be installed vertically and leave enough space underneath to replace the filter element.

Air filter options generally include: internal automatic drain, external automatic drain, differential pressure gauge, electronic differential pressure indicator and level indicator. Therefore, everyone needs to pay more attention to these accessories when purchasing, to whether the quality has reached the standard they need.

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