General air purification equipment Filtration air is roughly divided into the following methods and steps.

- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, multiple filters --- to prevent dust and bacteria in the air into the room

Multi-active carbon filter effectively intercepts dust bacteria, filter the air, to ensure that the air into the room clean.

2, titanium oxide antivirus --- degradation of indoor air formaldehyde, benzene and other organic gas pollution

Nano-scale titanium dioxide by the activation of ultraviolet light, the air filtration of air in the air of formaldehyde, benzene and other organic toxic gas pollution.

3, anion oxygen - increase the indoor air to the amount of oxygen and maintain the content of stability

Negative ion generator to the indoor air oxygen, to ensure that the air into the home to maintain adequate oxygen, full of vitality, to strengthen the filter water quality filter air>

4, PTC ceramic heating --- heating indoor air to comfortable temperature

PTC ceramic heater on the winter into the indoor fresh air to assist the preheating, the appropriate increase in indoor temperature, so as to filter the air, so that home warm and comfortable.

⒌ UV sterilization --- to effectively kill the air in the epidemic virus bacteria

UV light source with a powerful kill the air of the epidemic virus bacteria, people away from the source of infection, the filter air, care for the whole family health.

The filter is an indispensable device on the conveyor medium and is usually installed at the inlet end of a relief valve, pressure relief valve, water level valve or other device to eliminate impurities in the medium to protect the valves and equipment from normal use. When the fluid into the filter with a certain size of the filter, the impurities are blocked, and clean the filtrate from the filter outlet, when the need for cleaning, as long as the removable filter cartridge removed, processed and then reloaded Can, therefore, the use of maintenance is very convenient.

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