Function of coating Air-Conditioning system

- Apr 28, 2018 -

The air conditioning system in painting-shop is an indispensable and important equipment for the paint shop. Its equipment cost and land area occupy a considerable proportion of the entire system, and it is also the main energy-consuming equipment in painting production. Its role is to supply outdoor fresh air after adjusting the temperature, humidity and dust. The air with certain temperature,humidity and cleanliness that meets the painting production requirements will be continuously supplied to the spray booth and the leveling area, and the air pressure on the painting workshop will keep balanced and the coating craft then product surface decoration will be improved.


The continuous improvement of the appearance and performance of the painting products, especially the development of high-gloss products and NCVM processes in recent years, puts forward more stringent requirements on the cleanliness, temperature, and humidity of the painting environment. The cleanliness of the paint shop and the stability of temperature and humidity depend largely on whether the design of the air conditioning system is perfect. The air-conditioning system is a very important external factor in the high-quality production of the painting shop. The structure of the air-conditioning system and the control of each parameter will directly affect the painting quality of the product. Therefore, how to effectively design an air-conditioning system that satisfies the production process? It is a key project in the paint shop design. At present, there are many air-conditioning manufacturers on the market, with a wide variety of air conditioners, but they can hardly meet the special requirements of the paint shop, and few of them have good performance, complete functions, low operating costs, and easy maintenance. Based on the characteristics of the constant temperature and humidity clean air conditioning system in the paint shop, combined with the practical experience in recent years, this paper puts forward the details that should be noticed in the design process for air conditioning system in painting system.


1. Main functions and features of painting air conditioning system

 The air conditioners used in the paint shop are generally assembled and divided into several sections according to their functions, such as air purification section, temperature and humidity control section, fan section, and some transitional connection sections. Since they have the function of air purification and constant temperature and humidity, they are also called constant temperature and humidity purification air conditioning.

Paint shop's air system with constant temperature, humidity, and air purification has the following features and characteristics:

1) Air purification function. The outdoor air is treated and the dust in the air is filtered by the air filter sections at different levels in the air conditioning unit. The purified air is then sent to the air supply port required by the painting production by the fan.

2) Temperature and humidity adjustment function. The outdoor air temperature and humidity are dehumidified, cooled or humidified and heated in the air-conditioning unit and adjusted to the required temperature and humidity for coating production.


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  • Box-style Carbon and Chemical VOC House Air Filters
  • Fluid Sealed HEPA Filter
  • Panel Filter to Remover Mist or Grease
  • Mini-pleat HEPA Filters Knife Edge/Gel Seal
  • High Performance High-temperature HEPA Spray Booth Filters for Air Purifier

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