Electronic clean room air filter installation specification introduction

- May 11, 2018 -

I believe that people who know more about air filters will find that there are many clean room air filters in the market, and clean room air filters are also widely used in the market. However, in daily work, many users do not know how to install a clean room air filter according standard procedures. As follows I will make a brief introduction for everyone,


First, if you want to install the clean room air filter in standard, you need to pay attention to the following items:

1. Before clean room air filter is installed, the clean room needs to be cleaned. If there is dust inside the air conditioner, it should be cleaned again until it meets the requirements. If a clean room air filter is installed in a technical mezzanine or suspended ceiling, a full sweep or wiping should also be performed within the technical mezzanine or ceiling.


2. After the clean room reaches the cleanliness standard, the air conditioning system must be commissioned. Run continuously for more than 12 hours, then install air filter immediately after cleaning again.


3. The transport and storage of clean room air filters should be placed as required. Take care when transporting.


4. Before installation of the clean room air filter, an on-site inspection must be performed. During the acceptance check, the package can be opened for visual inspection, including whether the filter paper, sealant, and frame are damaged; whether the side length and thickness dimensions meet the requirements; and whether the frame has any burrs And rust (metal frame); whether there is product certification,  and whether technical performance meets the design requirements, and apply air filter leak detection. After passing the inspection, it can be installed immediately. During installation, it is necessary to perform reasonable deployment according to the resistance of each air filter. For one-way flow, the difference between the rated resistance and the average resistance of each air filter on the same air outlet or air supply surface,  should be less than 5 %; clean-room air filters with a cleanliness level equal to or higher than Class 100  should be installed according to a specific method prior to installation.


5. The frame for installing the clean room air filter should be flat. The installation deviation of each clean room air filter is not more than 1mm.


6. When using gasket, adhesive, negative pressure seal, Gel seal and double ring seal between the clean room air filter and the installing frame, the sealing material surface, the air filter frame surface and the installing frame surface should be cleaned.



7. When the gasket is used, the thickness of the gasket should not exceed 8mm, and the compression rate is 25% to 30%.


8. When the gel seal is applied, the height of the liquid in the frame slot must meet the design requirements; there must be no liquid leakage at the joints of the frame. When using a double-ring seal, do not block the eyelet on the ring when pasting the seal; both the double-ring seal and the negative-pressure seal must keep the negative pressure pipe open.


9. When installing the clean room air filter, the arrow on the frame should be in the same direction as the air flow. When it is installed vertically, the media pleats should be perpendicular to the ground.

Clean-room air filters are a common type of air filter in the market, and it is are very particular about the installation. When installing a clean-room air filter, we must pay attention to the points introduced above, so that we can make the installation of clean room air filters more standardized.

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