Bag filter

- Jun 19, 2017 -

Bag filter A novel, small size, easy to operate and flexible, energy efficient, efficient, closed work, applicability of the multi-purpose filter equipment. Bag filter is a new type of filtration system. The inside of the bag filter is supported by a metal basket, and the liquid flows from the inlet, filtered through the filter bag and flows out from the outlet. The impurities are intercepted in the filter bag and the filter bag can be used for replacement.

  • Compact V-typed or Rigid Cassette Return Air Filters
  • G3 Synthetic Polyester Spray Booth Filter Media Rolls and Ceiling Filter Mat
  • Stainless Fiberglass Plane Panel Aluminum Mesh Air AC Grease Filters
  • Compact /self-support/reinforced/rigid Pocket Trane Air Filters
  • American Glassfiber/oil Mist Pocket Bag Carrier Air Filters
  • High-tempeature Filterpack and Panel Green Air Filters

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