Application of minipleat hepa filters

- Dec 19, 2017 -

High efficiency air filterminipleat HEPA filtersis mainly used to capture below 0.53um particles of dust and all kinds of suspended solids, the basic requirements are high filtering efficiency, low flow resistance, and can be a long time continuous use in order to reduce material cost late.High efficiency air filter in the air purification industry plays a vital role, can be widely used in optical electron, LCD manufacturing, biological medicine, precision instruments, drinks, food, PCB printing industry such as dust-free purification workshop in air terminal air supply.

Efficient and highly efficient filters( minipleat HEPA filtersare used in the clean room terminal, in the form of the structure can be divided into: minipleat hepa filter, hepa filter without separators, big air volume high efficiency filters, super high efficiency filter, etc.

In addition, there are three high efficiency filters(minipleat HEPA filters), one of which is ultra high efficiency filterULPA air filters, which can purify 99.9995%@0.3um. The other Type is a kind of antibacterial hepa air filters, preventing bacteria into the clean workshop, and the last is a kind of sub-high efficiency filter(H10-H11), cheaper, normally used for the purification of the request not high.

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