Application of high efficiency air filter

- Jan 24, 2018 -

As the fast development in 21st century, industry and people’s life get more better changing. The technology to research and promote on equipment is more and more advanced, making  production and living more convenient. Now the use of HEPA filter is very extensive and has a very big effect on people.


Now many large conference room, or the rooms with many people have serious air pollution; if not to exclude these polluted air, which will bring a variety of diseases, it will produce serious influence to the society. But HEPA filter can drain the polluted air out and attract fresh air to flow into the room. In our life ,we can use HEPA filter to get more fresh air ,also it can effect cooling effect in the summer.


Now more and more HEPA filters are used in the food industry to keep the food fresh; in the past , people keep the food fresh with disinfection , but this way has been replaced by HEPA filter to get more green food. With the use of HEPA filters, people have taken a more important step in food preservation, making people healthier at their diet.

  • High Capacity High Volume Aluminum-separator HEPA Frame Filters
  • G3 Synthetic Polyester Spray Booth Filter Media Rolls and Ceiling Filter Mat
  • Stainless Fiberglass Plane Panel Aluminum Mesh Air AC Grease Filters
  • High Performance High-temperature HEPA Spray Booth Filters for Air Purifier
  • Honeywell HEPA Filter Cartridges for Fresh Air Supply System
  • Hybrid Cabin Filters

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