Air filter development history

- Dec 27, 2017 -

The prototype air filter is a respiratory protection device that people use to protect their breathing. According to records, as early as one century of Rome, people use mercury made mask to protect from mercury. Air filters have also progressed for a long time , but they are mainly used as respiratory protection appliances in hazardous industries such as the production of hazardous chemicals. Brown discovered the motion of fine particles in 1827, and people got a better understanding of the mechanism of air filtration.


The rapid development of air filters is closely related to the development of military and electronics industries. During the First World War, due to the use of various chemical agents, military gas masks made of asbestos fiber media as a filter layer came into being. Fiberglass filter media for air filtration was patented in the United States in October 1940. In the 1950s, the United States carried out in-depth research on the production technology of glass fiber filter paper, which made the air filter improved and developed. In the 1960s, HEPA filters were introduced. In the 1970s, high-efficiency filters using micro-fiberglass as a filter medium filtered 99.9998% of the particles at a particle size of 013 microns. Since the 1980s, with the advent of new test methods, evaluation of usage improvements, and increased demands on filtration performance, HEPA filters have been found to have serious problems and have resulted in higher performance ULPA filters. At present, all countries are still working hard to study and it is estimated that a more advanced air filter will soon appear.


Preliminary air filter (coarse air filter) 100% is made of moisture-resistant synthetic fiber,;the frame is made of strong, moisture-proof cardboard frame. It will not be deformed, cracked, twisted under normal operating conditions. In addition, the filter box is diagonally fixed before and after the frame. Filter and the frame are closely glued to prevent any air leakage.


As for filter efficiency, you have to focus on the filter replacement cycle, and many users believe that extending the filter's working life can reduce costs. On the contrary, the filter full of various dust increases the compressor pressure, then the entire compressed air station will also increase the energy consumption. Therefore, special attention should be paid to filter pressure changes. When energy costs and filter costs add up to a minimum, it is time to change these filters. In other words, if the cost of the filter material is lower than the cost of energy consumed by the old filter cartridge, then it is the best time to replace the filter cartridge.


China's early high-efficiency air filter used in nuclear reactors is more or less the same with the United States; and later, China is introduced France, Canada, Russia's technology. China uses small number of nuclear-level filters, but many types.


Methyl iodide and iodine are radioactive fission products of uranium. To remove methyl iodide vapor in the air, nuclear power plants use large amounts of activated carbon filters. Activated carbon materials for this type of application are subject to special chemical impregnation to enhance the adsorption of methyl iodide and iodine. Normally the nuclear industry with activated carbon material called "activated carbon", such activated carbon filter called "iodine absorbent" Compared with ordinary activated carbon filter. The carbon layer used for nuclear power plants is thick, with high adsorption efficiency and high requirements for temperature resistance and earthquake resistance. As the adsorption is an exothermic process, too high temperature may ignite the activated carbon, so the iodine adsorbent has a strict temperature requirements. In nuclear fuel processing plants, where the concentration of methyl iodide and iodine is high, activated carbon can no longer be used, but non-combustible porous adsorbent materials are used to produce iodine adsorption.

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