Air filter atmospheric dust counting method and disadvantage

- May 04, 2018 -

Air filter atmospheric dust counting method and disadvantage

Today, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of air dust counting in air filters. When we understand the atmospheric dust counting method, we first familiarize ourselves with what is the atmospheric dust counting method. The atmospheric dust counting method is an efficiency test method in air filters. .

In fact, this method was widely used in China 10 years ago. The atmospheric dust counting method uses atmospheric dust as the dust source to detect the air filter filtration efficiency. The advantage is that it is a polydisperse aerosol that contains both solid and liquid particles. As atmospheric dust is easily available, compared with other detection methods such as colorimetry and gravimetric methods, the atmospheric dust counting method can more accurately and truly reflect the filtration performance of air filters.

With industrial and technological progress this decade, air filter atmospheric dust counting method shows obvious drawbacks, e.g. the concentration and particle size distribution in the air are greatly affected by atmospheric dust outdoor pollution sources, wind speed and direction, air temperature, air humidity, and environmental greening; so there is a great deal of time and space fluctuations, particle concentrations and particle size distribution are difficult to control.

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