Air filter application in the medical and health industry

- Sep 26, 2018 -

Medical and health industry is a very large and special industry, and it has high requirements for the clean-room. Usually, the minimum requirement for the filters is 30% efficiency prefilter and a 90% efficiency final filter. HEPA high efficiency filters  are generally not required for filtration, but in special cases such as isolation chambers, specific test and care areas, HEPA high efficiency filter filtration is required.


Many of the hospital's HVAC systems use 100% outdoor air, which is a good strategy for preventing patients from cross-infecting with suspended microorganisms in HVAC systems. However, 100% use of outdoor air does not eliminate the growth of microorganisms in air filtration media and its adverse effects on the care environment. Therefore, many hospitals still need advanced HVAC systems.

Clean room was first used in the operating room. At first it was only widely used in orthopedic surgery because orthopedic surgery is prolonged and prone to infection. The level of control is ideally achieved with an air cleanliness level of Class100 near the operating table. It is generally recommended to use the top HEPA filter H14 air supply ceiling filter system to achieve a Class100 clean room in the real sense of the operation area;


The Laboratory of Clean room, the Material Supply Room , the ICU Operating Room, the Labor Room, the Nursery Room, the Burn Room, and the Cardiac Care Unit are using the medical clean-rooms too now . One of the latest advances is the use of clean-rooms for dental surgery, which reduces the risk of infection of patients and medical staff during long-term surgery.

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