About the Activated carbon filter

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Activated carbon filter mainly uses carbon granules to further remove the remaining residual chlorine in the mechanical impurities, organic matter, suspended solids, provide good conditions for subsequent clean-room  industrial process.

Activated carbon filters work through charcoal beds.The activated carbon particles that make up carbon bed have many micro-pores and huge surface area, which have a strong physical adsorption capacity.The air flow passes through the charcoal bed, and the organic pollutants in the air are effectively adsorbed by activated carbon.In addition, there are some oxygen-containing functional groups on the noncrystalline part of the activated carbon surface, so that the organic pollutants in the air of the carbon bed can be effectively adsorbed by activated carbon.

The main factors influencing the adsorption effect and service life of activated carbon filter include the types and concentration of pollutants, the retention time in the filtration materials, the temperature and humidity of the air.

In the actual selection, the filter form and the activated carbon species should be determined according to the types of pollutants, concentration and air volume.The upstream and downstream of activated carbon filter should have good dust removal filter, and its efficiency should be no less than F7. Upstream filters prevent dust from blocking activated carbon materials; The downstream filter stops the dust from the activated carbon itself.

AST can design suitable activated carbon filters or chemical filters based on customers working conditions and special requirement on air quality.

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