Charcoal Oven Filters

Charcoal Oven Filters

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Charcoal Oven Filters

Airknow Medium minipleat high-temperature filters are constructed with metal frame and special-treated micro-glass paper media. The leeward side of the filter media is protected with metal netting. This micro-glass paper media filter features stable performance and large dust holding capacity. It is generally used in the medium efficiency and sub-high efficiency filter for central ventilation system. It can be used to protect the high efficiency filter and extend its sevice life. It is suitable for high temperature applications(up to 450℃), such as charcoal oven, to eliminate dust, low concentration organic pollutants, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.


1) Strong structure, ensure good performance under turbulent conditions

2) Large effective filtration area, large ventilation capacity, low resistance, long service life

3) Compact structure, small footprint, suitable for compact central air conditioning system

4) Low energy consumption, saving installation space, low operating costs

5) With AST patented high-temperature-resistant separators

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