About Us

Our History

From year of 2000, AST begins to collaborate with top filter manufacturers in Europe and USA; later on Co-research and Co-development for Chinese market together with leading German media suppliers and independent test institutes.

Our Factory

2,000m2 class 100,000 clean-room for HEPA assembly; full ranges self-designed manufacturing equipment; independent research and test centre; ‘TQM’ and ‘6S ‘management system.

Our Product

custom-made cartridges for fresh-air system and air-purifier; HVAC filters & HEPA/ULPA filter for air-conditioning system and turbo-machines; high-temperature filters and car cabin-filters.

Product Application

Commercial or civil air-conditioning & air-cleaning; Clean room for pharmaceutical or electronics industrial process; Car painting and car’s air-conditioning system; Gasturbines and turbo-machines.

Production Equipment

Automatic pleating machine, melt-adhesive lining machine, automatic frame-adhesive stream line, laser precision cutting machine, laser marking machine, aluminum foil machine, sealing glue machine.

Production Market

100%-coverage on China market, 15-year development on international market including Germany, Australia, Austria, Spain, France, USA, Indonesia and Vietnam Customer record: PMS, HONDA, ALDES, SUNTECH, ABF ,Novacap, ARKEMA.

Our service

Response in 24Hr, door-door logistic solutions, 100% guarantee on after-sale complaint,


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